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The Dance Gypsy news service is a “live feed” news source. That means that news items are updated automatically as soon as a dance organizer adds the news. That news will be immediately available to you on the dance gypsy's home page (as well as this page). It will soon be available through several additional paths:

Depending on the source you use, the feed will look something like the one provided here:

The Dance Gypsy’s Dance News:

Sorry, there are currently no new dance news items.

Just click on the headline that interests you and you will be taken to the full news story.

Alternatively, you can visit the full list of all news listings.

To submit news

If you have news of interest to the general dance community, you may submit the item at the Dance Gypsy’s News Creation page.

Please limit news to things that are truly of interest to the dance community at large. If you have personal or specialized items such as: you need a ride to the dance or are seeking the music for a tune, please use the forum.

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