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The Dance Gypsy no longer accepts paid advertisements.

Note: Ads are not required: basic listings in the Dance Gypsy are free:

The Dance Gypsy will happily list your dance, special event, or caller/musician information (in the appropriate sections) at no charge!  Usually this includes the basic information about the event: performers, date, time and location, and contact information. Simply use the user-update section or even send us the important details and we will list it — with no charges or preconditions. But

The Dance Gypsy offers a new service: instant ads. Instant ads really are exactly that — instant: you design it, you see it, you order it — and it is immediately available to visitors to the Dance Gypsy web site. We even provide all the tools to design your ad. It can literally be completed in a minute or two. You can get an ad for as little as $8 a month ... or a total price as low as $30.

Actually, it is even fun: use you organizations symbolic colors, or select something to get attention just fill out the form below and watch your ad develop. Experiment and modify it as often as you want until you are happy. Then submit the request, using your bank account or credit card or paypal account.

The process is simple: use the form below to design the ad. Order it and pay online with your credit card, bank authorization or PayPal account. The ad will immediately start to appear on Dance Gypsy pages

Actually, these are ridiculously cheap. A full year is only $100; an experimental 3 month ad is only $30. (think about that: if the ad brought just one additional dancer who attended your dances all year, the ad would pay for itself.)

Just select the options you want

Your cost (as currently requested) is only $100 $50 (cheaper for shorter durations)


Banner wording:

Smaller (optional) second line:


Text color:

Background color:

Generic Font Appearance:

Text style:

Width of border:

Your Site:

URL (link) to your site:

Ad longevity:

How long should it run?

and click the credit card symbol:

The Dance Gypsy also offers low-price paid-ads for any dance-related event

This is the best place to advertise your dance–related offerings: dances, festivals, recordings, bands and callers, concerts, dance shoes, etc. These ads attract attention to your event or product. At the same time, they help support the Dance Gypsy’s efforts to inform the dance community. Note that we only directly accept ads with some connection to the dancing community: dances festivals, dance clothes, music, etc. Since all DG ads are potentially relevant to all dancers, there is a much higher probability that dancers may actually read those ads. If you already know what you want, just skip down to order your ad now! Or see some examples of Dance Gypsy display ads now.

Why use a Dance Gypsy ad for your organization?

Types of ad:

See some examples of Dance Gypsy display ads here:

an ad for the Dance Gypsy

Placement of display ads

Display ads can be positioned in either of two ways:


The current rates for ads in the Dance Gypsy are:

  1 to 3 months 4-6 months 7 months to a year
Highlight ad $20 $30 $40
display ad (regular size) $50 $70 $125
display ad (double sized) $90 $130 $225
“Setting” an ad $25 $25 $25

Want one? Order it now!

General Information


The basic prices assume that your ad is “web ready”— or at least close — in any web-appropriate graphics format (e.g., .gif or .jpg). Other formats such .png are also acceptable — but do note that more users will be able to see your image if you stick with the “old stand-by”s such as .gif of .jpg. We may change the file-format of ads to improve download time.


The Dance Gypsy is not normally in the business of creating ads. But if you cannot provide an ad in electronic form, we can create (at no charge) a no frills setting, no pictures (unless you provide them), nor any fancy graphic formats. Usually it’s just a colored rectangle with your event name — but it will be readable and attract attention to your event.

If you want a bit more, and can only deliver hard copy or a concept, we can create your ad in an appropriate format — for a setting charge of $25 (for example, ads submitted via paper, telephone or fax and which you wish us to have set up, modified or scanned).

Fancier ads can be created — but we will have to charge you $50/hour.

Web address:

All Dance Gypsy ads serve as “live links” to the advertiser’s own web site. For that, we will need that address. Note that your page will appear in a separate window so that it will not disappear as soon as the user returns to the Dance Gypsy listings.

Color material:

All ads may use any color(s).


Material may be submitted via E-mail, fax, snail mail (e.g. a floppy disk) or hand delivery.


You may place your ad using PayPal (essentially: credit cards for the little guy), or by sending your info via Email (and of course a check through the mails) , or the whole thing via snail mail.

Order your ad Now

Just select the options you want:

Ad format
and click the credit card symbol:

You will be taken to PayPal’s web site — they will not bill you unless you complete the entire form (ends at the “Special Information” section). You can enter information (e.g. your web address and how to get your ad) for your ad in the “Special Information” section, or Email them to us separately. Usually you will find there is something that needs to be sent through Email.

Using PayPal

Electronic payment does require that you join PayPal. Fortunately, this is free and relatively painless. Essentially PayPal works as a middleman: you join and provide them with a credit card number (or if you prefer, you may use your bank account or simply deposit money with them). When you make a purchase from a PayPal site (e.g., the Dance Gypsy — or any other vendor), you authorize PayPal to charge your account and send the money to the vendor. Both seller and purchaser receive immediate confirmation via Email. All transactions are through secure sites and there is no service charge to the purchaser. One big advantage for many advertisers is that you provide your credit card info only once, rather than with each purchase you make: after the first use, you never have to provide credit card numbers, etc. again.

You may open a PayPal account by clicking the button below. Their site will allow you to cancel the process at any time.

Make payments with PayPal - it’s fast, free and secure!

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