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The dances listed on this page are known to feature contra, folk or other traditional dances. This page provides access to their listings without going through the regular Dance Gypsy search process, good if for some reason you do not have local scripting or if you want to copy or bookmark a link

Note that these links will provide a limited number of dances. In most cases it will be sufficient to include all known events. For a very few states (e.g. Massachusetts) or styles (e.g., contra) there will be too many but it should find the next event of every series. Also note that regularly-scheduled events outside of New England. Some states may not yet have any dances listed. You may list your dance at

All dances in the Dance Gypsy by state. A “gray dot” the Gray Dot (indicates persons who provide support to the Dance Gypsy).

US folk and contra dances

Dances in Alaska: Alaska

Dances in Alabama: Alabama

Dances in Arkansas: Arkansas

Dances in Arizona: Arizona

Dances in California: California

Dances in Colorado: Colorado

Dances in Connecticut: Connecticut

Dances in District of Columbia: District of Columbia

Dances in Delaware: Delaware

Dances in Florida: Florida

Dances in Georgia: Georgia

Dances in Hawaii: Hawaii

Dances in Iowa: Iowa

Dances in Idaho: Idaho

Dances in Illinois: Illinois

Dances in Indiana: Indiana

Dances in Kansas: Kansas

Dances in Kentucky: Kentucky

Dances in Louisiana: Louisiana

Dances in Massachusetts: Massachusetts

Dances in Maryland: Maryland

Dances in Maine: Maine

Dances in Michigan: Michigan

Dances in Minnesota: Minnesota

Dances in Missouri: Missouri

Dances in Mississippi: Mississippi

Dances in Montana: Montana

Dances in North Carolina: North Carolina

Dances in North Dakota: North Dakota

Dances in Nebraska: Nebraska

Dances in New Hampshire: New Hampshire

Dances in New jersey: New jersey

Dances in New Mexico: New Mexico

Dances in Nevada: Nevada

Dances in New York: New York

Dances in Ohio: Ohio

Dances in Oklahoma: Oklahoma

Dances in Oregon: Oregon

Dances in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania

Dances in Rhode Island: Rhode Island

Dances in South Carolina: South Carolina

Dances in South Dakota: South Dakota

Dances in Tennessee: Tennessee

Dances in Texas: Texas

Dances in Utah: Utah

Dances in Virginia: Virginia

Dances in Vermont: Vermont

Dances in Washington: Washington

Dances in Wisconsin: Wisconsin

Dances in West Virginia: West Virginia

Dances in Wyoming: Wyoming

Canadian folk dance dances

All Canadian folk and contra dance dances

Dances in Alberta: Alberta

Dances in British Columbia: British Columbia

Dances in Manitoba: Manitoba

Dances in New Brunswick: New Brunswick

Dances in Newfoundland: Newfoundland

Dances in Labrador: Labrador

Dances in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia

Dances in Nunavut: Nunavut

Dances in North West Territory: North West Territory

Dances in Ontario: Ontario

Dances in Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Island

Dances in Quebec: Quebec

Dances in Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan

Dances in Yukon: Yukon

Foreign dances (includes dance dances with no known country)

Folk dances by style

Note that listings for some dance forms may be limited by external limitations

Dances featuring Balkan dances: Balkan

Dances featuring Ballroom dances: Ballroom

Dances featuring Cajun dances: Cajun

Dances featuring Celtic dances: Celtic

Dances featuring Contra dances: Contra

Dances featuring English dances: English

Dances featuring Family dances: Family

Dances featuring International dances: International

Dances featuring Israeli dances: Israeli

Dances featuring OtherStyle dances: OtherStyle

Dances featuring Scandinavian dances: Scandinavian

Dances featuring Scottish dances: Scottish

Dances featuring Square dances: Square

Dances featuring Swing dances: Swing

Dances featuring Tango dances: Tango

Dances featuring Vintage dances: Vintage

Dances featuring Waltz dances: Waltz

Dances featuring multiple_style dances: multiple_style

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