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The “Barn Dance at the PCA” in Westford, Massachusetts

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Westford, MA: Barn Dance at the PCA (Contra, Family and Square Dance)

— Sponsored by: Parish Center for the Arts

Featuring: Jacqueline Laufman leading with music by Oh, Contraire! (Judy Wong (Fiddle), Dave Tierney (Fiddle), Erin Dubinsky (Fiddle), Sarah Jaffer (Fiddle), Judy Wong (Fiddle), George Mills (Fiddle), Theresa Greene (Fiddle), Joel Gonzalez (Guitar), Jo Anne Lund, Aubrey Jaffer (Hammered dulcimer), Claude Galinsky (Mandolin), Dave Fox (Fiddle), David Tierney (Fiddle, mandolin), Kate Hanlon (Fiddle), Cindy McIntyre (Woodwinds), Dotty Smith (Trombone) and Leetka Katz (Cello)) plus Aubrey Jaffer (trumpet, dulcimer), Bill Dennison, Cindy Mcintyre, Claude Galinsky (guitar and mandolin), Dave Fox (fiddle), David Tierney (fiddle mandolin), Dotty Smith, Jo-Anne Fox, Joyce Isen, Judy Wong, Kate Hanlon, Matt Fulmer (fiddle, bass) and Mike Harde (piano)

— Everyone welcome. Beginners’ workshop at 7pm.

Venue: Parish Center for the Arts: 10 Lincoln Street get a map

Time: (Workshop/lesson: 7) Dance: 7:30-10:00

Price: $6, Students free

For more information: (978) 692-2039; (Email): de('mharde', 'com', 'gmail');


Generic Schedule: fourth Saturdays Jan-Mar

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