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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Athens, GA: Athens Folk Music and Dance Society (Contra, Square and Waltz Dance)

— Sponsored by: Athens Folk Music and Dance Society

— Mostly contras, with occasional squares & circles. Live music and caller.

Venue: Memorial PARK Recreation Hall: 293 Gran Ellen Dr get a map

Time: Beginner lesson 7:30PM, Music at 8

Price: $8.00; Age 11-17 $4.00; Free for under 11 years (no dancing)

— Note: No partner needed. Wear your comfortable shoes and your Smile.

For more information: (706) 357-9113; (Email): de('char-j', 'net', 'earthlink');


Generic Schedule: third Saturdays (year round)

This date (November 17, 2018 ) is believed accurate by the Dance Gypsy)

Concord-Boscawen, NH: Contra Dance

Sylvia Miskoe birthday celebration

Featuring: Chris Ricciotti leading with music by Sugar River Band () plus Deanna Stiles (flute and fiddle)

Venue: Boscawen Town Hall: 14 High St. get a map

Time: 8-11:00

Price: $Free

For more information: (603) 225-4917; (Email): de('dwh', 'net', 'myfairpoint');


Generic Schedule: third Saturdays Sep-Jun

This date (November 17, 2018 ) is believed accurate by the Dance Gypsy)

East Hanover, NJ 07936, NJ: Swingin’ Tern Dances (Contra and Square Dance)

— Sponsored by: The Folk Project

Featuring: Tom Amesse leading with music by Blue Jersey F (rank Ruck, Ellen Ruck, Louise McClure and Michael Sutton)

— Contra dancing in northern New Jersey since 1984. Beginners always welcome.

Venue: First Presbyterian Church: 14 Hanover Road get a map

Time: 7:30 PM (7:00 PM beginners’ workshop)

Price: $12 per adult, $5 per student

— Note: Bring clean soft-soled shoes to change into. Nondancing children must be supervised at all times.

For more information: (973) 295-6864; (Email): de('dance', 'org', 'folkproject');


Generic Schedule: first & third Saturdays (year round)

This date (November 17, 2018 ) is believed accurate by the Dance Gypsy)

Lenox, MA, MA: Lenox Contra Dance

New Caller Showcase — — Sponsored by: Lenox Contra Dance

Featuring: music by Russet Trio

Venue: Lenox Community Center: 65 Walker St. get a map

Time: 7:45-11:00

Price: $12 adults ($6 students), new dancers- 2nd dance free!

— Note: Beginners’ workshop 7:45-8:00. Music starts at 8:00. All dances taught

For more information: (413) 528-3106; (Email): de('info', 'org', 'lenoxcontradancecommitte');


Generic Schedule: third Saturdays (year round)

This date (November 17, 2018 ) is believed accurate by the Dance Gypsy)

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