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First Congregational Church (405 Quail St) in Albany, NY

which, on Friday, April 26, 2019, is the site of the:

Albany Shindig!
Albany, NY

Featuring: Paul Rosenberg leading with music by Set Americain (Maurice Mercier (accordeons, Cajun tie, spoons, pieds, guitar), Stephen Fry (mandolin, piano), Betsy Fry (bass), Vonnie Estes (piano), Barbara Lubell (fiddle), John Guay (hammered dulcimer, pieds, spoons), Steve Fry (mandolin and piano))

Time: 7-9:30pm;

Location: First Congregational Church (405 Quail St)

Price: $8-general/5-DFO member, student/2-under 12

— Sponsored by: DanceFlurry Organzation

For more information: (518) 482-9255; (Email): de('paul', 'biz', 'homespun');

Generic Schedule: Fridays Sep-Apr

(This date unconfirmed by the Dance Gypsy; See our confirmation policy)

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