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Lisa Sieverts has been calling contra dances since 1994, in locations ranging from Boise, Idaho, and Seattle, Washington, to Nelson, New Hampshire, and Washington, DC. Lisa is a strong contra dancer and considers herself a “dancer’s caller,” in that she designs each night’s program so that is satisfying and enjoyable for the dancers.

Lisa has been contra dancing since the late 1960s, when she attended Nelson and Fitzwilliam dances. She enjoys “bridging the gap” between traditional and modern flavors of contra dancing.

She collaborated with the late Larry Jennings on his book Give-and-Take, Larry’s sequel to Zesty Contras. Based on this material, Lisa has put together a caller’s workshop that focuses on the aspects of being a caller that go beyond the mechanics of calling to music. These include learning how to prepare an interesting and appropriate program, how to gain a deep understanding of dances, and how to develop strong teaching skills so that walk-thrus are efficient and useful.

Lisa is available to call dances and lead workshops.

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By Telephone: (603) 827-3044;

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