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Email forwarding service

Make sure that your dance-related Email — and only the dance-related material — actually gets to the person who can help by letting the Dance Gypsy forward your dance Email to you.

What is Dance Gypsy Email forwarding?

The Dance Gypsy will receive your dance-related Email, using your own dance-name at our domain (, filter (most of) the spam, and automatically forward the valid Email to you at your regular Email address.

Why would you want Email forwarding?

If you can receive Email anyway, then an extra forwarding service may seem rather pointless. Actually there are a number of advantages to a organization to use forwarded Email.
  1. Changes in personnel: Dances are typically volunteer organizations. While this is generally great, one down side of volunteers is that they come and go a bit too frequently. When the volunteer who has been acting as contact person leaves the area or even (terrible thought) stops dancing, suddenly all the publicity you have done for your dance is out of date: all your flyers list the wrong Email address (and phone number) — as do any web sites (e.g., the Dance Gypsy) that include pointers to your dance; even individual dancers’ personal Email bookmarks are similarly suddenly out of date. With Dance Gypsy Email forwarding, your dance’s Email address remains the same — even when the human who ultimately receives that Email changes.
  2. Clarity: The Dance Gypsy forwarding address looks like the name of your dance (e.g. That standard form will usually be much easier for dancers to remember than, say, the personal name and Email address of a contact person, or worse yet: a temporary junk Email address used for that purpose. Can anyone be expected to remember that your particular dance is reached at:
  3. Avoid junk Mail: We all get too much junk mail. Many dances do not want to have an Email contact for fear that that spam will get out of hand. But with Dance Gypsy forwarding addresses you can avoid all of that problem. Dance Gypsy forwarding addresses are cleansed of Spam: the forwarding software we use removes about 90% of all Spam before you, the dance contact person, ever see it. This assures that the extra mail that comes to you is actually dance-related. If this address is the one that is published on web pages, then spammers do not find your own personal address and fewer spam items will be sent to you personally. If your spam level ever does get too large, you can change the published forwarding address and all spam sent to the old address will be purged
  4. The sea of Email: We all get too much Email. Alas, dance-info requests get lost. That request for information on this week’s dance may get lost in the shuffle. Or perhaps you simply want to deal with dance related stuff in the evening and do just your employment-related stuff during the day. Forwarded Email is easily recognized (it is labeled “by way of the Dance Gypsy”) and is easy for you to separate from the rest of your Email.

Are there any down sides?

Well as above, yes, doesn’t everything have its down side. Truth in advertising suggests we tell you of the potential disadvantages we know about. So here they are:

  1. As with the web pages, the Email address is uniform but it might be longer than you would like. It will usually look like:
  2. If your dance already owns its own domain name, this just isn’t very helpful.

What does this cost?

After the initial start up time, this service will be $15/year. However, during the introductory period, forwarding will be available at half price — that’s just $7.50 for the entire first year.

An Example

Suppose you are the contact person for the Wonderland dance. Set up Email forwarding with an address of All Email sent (minus the spam of course) is forwarded to you at your regular address (no outsiders see that address). Next year Bill takes over as the contact person for the dance, so we change so that all mail is forwarded to Bill instead of you. The year after that, Bill concludes that in spite of our best efforts, too much spam is now getting through. So he changes the official Email address for the Wonderland dance to

How to purchase Dance Gypsy services

  1. PayPal: The easiest way to is to do so online at the PayPal site:

    Electronic payment does require that you join PayPal. Fortunately, this is free and relatively painless. Essentially PayPal works as a middleman: you join and provide them with a credit card number (or if you prefer, you may use your bank account or simply deposit money with them). When you make a purchase from a PayPal site (e.g., the Dance Gypsy — or any other vendor), you authorize PayPal to charge your account and send the money to the vendor. Both seller and purchaser receive immediate confirmation via Email. All transactions are through secure sites and there is no service charge to the purchaser. One big advantage for many contributors is that you provide your credit card info only once, rather than with every purchase or contribution you make: after the first use, you never have to provide credit card numbers, etc. again.

    Order your dance Gypsy Email forwarding today

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    If you don’t already have one, you may open a PayPal account by clicking the button below. Their site will allow you to cancel the process at any time.

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  2. Send us the information via Email: (and get the check to us somehow).
  3. Send us the information and check via snail mail:

    the Dance Gypsy

  4. If all else fails, give us a phone call:

Other ways the Dance Gypsy can help your dance

Advertise in the Dance Gypsy

The Dance Gypsy is happy to list all events — even those that do not advertise! But advertising your event or service gets you greater visibility while providing the Dance Gypsy with much needed revenue. Go to the advertising page to see all that you can get for our very inexpensive rates. And remember: you can always list your event for free — whether or not you partake of any of the other services.

Dance Gypsy Web pages

If your dance does not have its own web page but has always wanted one, here is your chance. The Dance Gypsy can now build and host a dedicated page for your dance — own page, not just a segment in a long list of dance sites; with your own text, your own logo or picture, your choice of background, your contact information and your own description of the special unique and wonderful aspects of your dance. It can even contain automatically updated descriptions of your upcoming dances, and keywords for network search engines.

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