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Web Pages for Dance-related Organizations and Performers

If you (or your dance or service) do not have your own web page, but have always wanted one, here is your chance. The Dance Gypsy can now build and host a dedicated page for you, your dance or service— your own addressable page, not just a segment in a long list of dance sites, or a generated page in a large data base— with your own text, your own logo or picture, your choice of background, your contact information and your own description of the special unique and wonderful aspects of your dance. It can even contain automatically updated descriptions of your upcoming dances, and keywords for network search engines.

Why would your dance want its own web page anyway?

So what does it look like?

Actually we offer two versions

Full web page hosting

You are the final determiner of what your site looks like, but for a an example of Dance Gypsy-hosted web page, look at this.

Schedule display only

If you already have a web page but can’t seem to get around to getting it updated, you can insert a Dance Gypsy-created schedule into your own web page. The schedule will automatically get updated every time other Dance Gypsy pages are updated. You maintain total control over all other aspects (including the web address), but your schedule stays up to date with no extra effort.

But isn’t it expensive?

Well, normally yes. Commercial web designers often charge $50 to$100 an hour for their services. But the Dance Gypsy will set up your web page for just a $25 (one time) set up plus $25 per year for hosting your page — and we will guarantee that rate for 2 full years.

If you just want to import a schedule into your own (created and hosted elsewhere), it is just $25 per year (i.e., no set up charge).

Advantages of a Dance Gypsy site over other sites:

Are there any down sides?

Well yes, doesn’t everything have its down side? Truth in advertising suggests we tell you of any potential disadvantages we know about. So here they are:

  1. The Dance Gypsy web page is a limited service. We are not offering to update and change it every month (beyond the regularly schedule updates). Sure, if we get it wrong, or if your contact person changes (also see Email forwarding below), we’ll fix that, but we won’t be making arbitrary changes every time someone at your dance wants a new “look and feel” or special one time information about this month’s events.
  2. This is not a big fancy complex site with many buttons taking you to multiple pages devoted to special aspects of your dance; it won’t play music or display lots of special or animated graphics in each section of the page. It is a simple, direct page of your own basic design without too many special bells and whistles.
  3. The Dance Gypsy is not really in the business of designing. For this price, we cannot build big fancy sites or even create the graphics— you must provide any graphics you want (we can however arrange for low cost site-development if you need it).
  4. The URL address, while uniform and easy to remember, may be a bit longer than it would be if you had your own domain name.

What can your page contain?

The “what” really is not very limited; it can contain essentially whatever you’d like, But the typical content might include:

How to get your own page

First, remember that these pages are available only for dance-related services and activities. This means a dance venue, dance sponsor, dance musician or band or caller, or other person or group directly involved in providing services to the dance community.

Assuming the above applies, just send us the basic information:

1. The name of your dance.

2. The name you want in the URL for your dance, which will look something like:

3. The text your would like for the body of the page. The more precise you can be here, the better.

4. A picture or logo (this should be in electronic format)

5. A background image or color preference (generally you will often find that having both a logo and background image may produce hard to view results. Similarly a background image with bold or bright color patterns may make reading difficult)

6. And, oh yes, the money for the service ($25 for design plus $25 for the first year’s hosting (or $50 for two years))

Generally speaking electronic submission is best. You can even send the money electronically:

Ways to purchase Dance Gypsy services

We’re not that fussy. You can pay us almost ant way you’d like:

Electronic payment does require that you join PayPal. Fortunately, this is free and relatively painless. Essentially PayPal works as a middleman: you join and provide them with a credit card number (or if you prefer, you may use your bank account or even just deposit money with them). When you make a purchase from a PayPal site (e.g., the Dance Gypsy— or any other vendor), you authorize PayPal to charge your account and send the money to the vendor. Both seller and purchaser receive immediate confirmation via Email. All transactions are through secure websites and there is no service charge to the purchaser. Another big advantage for many contributors is that you provide your credit card info only once, rather than with every new purchase or contribution you make: after the first use, you never have to provide credit card numbers, etc. again.

For one year: $25 development plus $25 hosting

For two years: $25 development plus $50 hosting

With a total cost of:

and click the credit card symbol: You will be prompted for additional information.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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Other way the Dance Gypsy can help you

Advertise in the Dance Gypsy

The Dance Gypsy is happy to list all events — even those that do not advertise! But advertising your event or service gets you greater visibility while providing the Dance Gypsy with much needed revenue. Go to the advertising page to see all that you can get for our very inexpensive rates. And remember: you can always list your event for free — whether or not you partake of any of the other services.

Dance Gypsy Email forwarding service

Make sure that your dance-related Email actually gets to the person who can help by letting the Dance Gypsy forward your dance-related Email to you. The Dance Gypsy will receive your dance-related Email, using your own dance-name at our domain ( and automatically forward it to you at your regular Email address, making sure your dance-related Email goes to your current contact person— with a reduced amount of spam.

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