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No more fund drives

Wait… if there are no more fund drives, then why am I seeing this???

Yes there are no more fund drives and yes you are seeing an ad. In the past we have tried to raise funds through intense fund drives: for 2 weeks or so you would be bombarded with a blatant request for funding every time you accesses a Dance Gypsy information page, and not allowed to proceed until you had read (or at least traversed the ad. Now there will never be a time when you are blocked with every access. Instead you will receive periodic requests for support. That is, you will not see a a request every time you access the Gypsy, but you will see them periodically all year.

— unless you are a donor. Donors will not see these requests at all. In fact they will also see fewer ads imbedded within their dance information listings ... and they will have better search options and other services.

If you are seeing this ad, then you are a Dance Gypsy user (but not a Dance Gypsy supporter) and are benefiting from the donations of other users. Why not join the supporters today and get your name published on our benefactor list. Just follow this link:

If you are curious about which of your friends and fellow dancers help, try this link:

Thank you.

Donate online, using your credit card or PayPal: easy fast and secure.

Just choose the amount of your donation: $

(Donations can be any amount you want, but $25.00 is just the median in recent years.)

and click the credit card symbol:

(be sure to return to the Dance Gypsy when the transaction is complete (it’s automatic); returning assures that the ads and interruptions will stop immediately

Alternatively you may send a check via snail mail:

411 Walnut Street # 6162
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043


How much should I contribute?

Seriously, You may contribute any amount you wish. In the past year, we have gratefully received donations from as little as $5 to over $200. The median for that year was about $25. For us it is far more important to get support from more users of the services than to get a small subset of them to contribute a lot.

Or perhaps you would like to know how much we need to keep delivering info. that is harder to answer. The bottom line is that in 7 of the last 10 years we have lost money. So simple answer is we need a lot more. Another way to look at that is that we desperately need new software. Our development software is now 6 years old — and becoming increasingly incompatible with newer operating systems and browsers. We have not replaced it because of the cost. So what? Development is slower because of the problems with old software — and every minute dealing with those problems is a minute taken from delivering the latest information to you. With greater support we can deliver more service.

Yes I want to help, but I want to know more first:

I see too many of these pleas. How can I avoid them?


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