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So, why do you see these pleas now?

For over 20 years, The Dance Gypsy has brought you information about dancing — where to dance? who is performing? how to get there?, even cancellation information and more. For 10 of those years, this service has been available for free to one and all right here on the internet. And it is our intent that it will continue to be free —— free for dancers and free for the dance organizations whose information we list. But we do have to pay the bills somehow. And it is the good vibrations of a select subset of dancers who enable this service for everyone. Some numbers might illustrate this better than I can say in words.

For example, in the past year the Dance Gypsy helped the dance community by performing a total of



searches for dances, bands, musicians, callers and venues for


different dancers!

That sounds very good — on the surface. Certainly it is good that so many dancers we have been helped. And it was all made possible by that select subset of those visitors: the

18 dancers ( 00.00% of all recent visitors)

of those who have donated in the past year… (in amounts ranging from less than $5 to over $100). If more dancers would support this effort, we could provide even better service and — more importantly — continue in existence for a longer time.

It’s that simple: we need more of those dancers who use this service to step up and help. Ask yourself: how many questions (searches for dances, performers or venues) have you asked the Dance Gypsy. Have you ever discovered an event through one of these listings? Decided to go to a dance because we told you who was playing? Found out about a good band? Listened to a performer’s sample music? Discovered a cancellation and saved yourself a trip? gotten directions to the event? I bet these answers are worth something to you.

How much do you pay each time you attend a dance? How much in gas to get to events in one year? Snacks to help cope with the munchies on the way home? Surely the information you need to get to those dances is worth a comparable amount.

Donate today and help assure the continued existence of the Dance Gypsy

Thank you for using the Dance Gypsy and we hope you will soon join the ranks of our supporters! (Donation form is below)

p.s. For all of you web-savvy dancers out there, yes these figures ore only for searches; they exclude searches by all known search engines, searches made by the many dancer-updaters while updating the data bases, searches made internally the Dance Gypsy while developing new features, or visits by dancers to generic pages such as help or contact information.

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How much should I contribute?

Seriously, You may contribute any amount you wish. In the past year, we have gratefully received donations from as little as $5 to over $200. The median for that year was about $25. For us it is far more important to get support from more users of the services than to get a small subset of them to contribute a lot.

Or perhaps you would like to know how much we need to keep delivering info. that is harder to answer. The bottom line is that in 7 of the last 10 years we have lost money. So simple answer is we need a lot more. Another way to look at that is that we desperately need new software. Our development software is now 6 years old — and becoming increasingly incompatible with newer operating systems and browsers. We have not replaced it because of the cost. So what? Development is slower because of the problems with old software — and every minute dealing with those problems is a minute taken from delivering the latest information to you. With greater support we can deliver more service.

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