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New Features

The location selecting tools have improved. The recently added "use current location" feature gives new capabilities to location selectors.

Text entry: You may now use almost any description that uniquely identifies a location: city, town, neighborhood, airport (have a layover in Los Angeles? Find local venue near LAX!... find venues near Back Bay in Boston or Pacific Beach in California...give a zip code..use your own home address...look in foreign countries ... it will even try correct spelling and make a good guess ('Las Vegas' finds the one in Nevada, Not the one in New Mexico)

Geo-location: The Dance Gypsy can figure out your current location, and you c an use that as the base point for your searches. This is very accurate if you have a mobile device, but it also works for most (certainly not all) fixed location computers. Just give your browser permission when it asks. To press the try again button.

Distance-order: By default, results are displayed alphabetically by city. Alternatively, you may choose to display the results by distance (from either your actual location, or any address you specify). You may choose this optiuon even if you do not want to limit the maximum distance.

Privacy notes: The Dance Gypsy does not use or store your location. Automatic determination of location is always "by permission". The browser will ask you for permission to check your location. Most browsers have options to allow a single check or permanent permission for this page. See "help" pages for more information.

You may restrict the search to a named venue, such as The “Greenfield Grange”, by writing part of its name.

If you select any target states or specific town, only venues in those states and/or town will be found — even if you also specified a distance from your home.

If you select a specific town (or partial name), only that town will be found. “Amherst” will find venues in South Amherst but “South Amherst” will not find venues in Amherst.

Specified target town will not find nearby towns: (“Boston” will not find Cambridge venues), but the distance search works well for that. (Also see the general comments above for suggestions on text selections).A search for “Concord” without specifying a state will find dances in any town named “Concord”.

The general keyword search is slow but powerful. Use it when you know a general description but not the exact name: "Thursday VFW contra" or to find groups of dances "Grange" will find all dances at Grange halls